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The international network Polymnia, created in 1999 by Jacqueline Fabre-Serris and Françoise Graziani to promote the study of the mythographical tradition in Europe from Antiquity to the 17th Century has developed two types of activities: a programme of conferences in the various partner institutions and the publications of bilingual texts with translations and notes in the series Mythographes (Presses Universitaires du Septentrion).
The journal Polymnia continues the research programme of the network. It offers a space for interdisciplinary and diachronic reflection and debate about mythographical texts in Antiquity, in the Middles Ages, and in the Renaissance.

Journal Polymnia – ISSN 2491-1704

Latest edition

Joan Pagès Pélope en Lesbos: análisis del escolio D a Ilíada 1.38 y el Papiro de Hamburgo 199 (Mythographus Homericus) [Abstract][Full text]

Nereida Villagra, Jordi Pàmias Los escolios mitográficos y el Mythographus Homericus [Abstract][Full text]

Irene Pajón Leyra Entre mitografía e historiografía. El papiro P.Oxy. 2 218 como caso de estudio [Abstract][Full text]

Gisèle Besson Les Fabulae de diuersis libris dans le manuscrit London, British Library, Royal 15 B XIX. Édition critique et traduction des notes mythologiques (ff. 107r-110v) [Abstract][Full text]

Frédéric Duplessis L’enseignement de la mythologie à Reims au Xe siècle. Analyse des Fabulae de diuersis libris (London, British Library, Royal 15 B XIX, f. 107r-110v) [Abstract][Full text]

Dimitra Eleftheriou La biche aux bois. Réflexions sur le genre dans le contexte mythographique et paradoxographique [Abstract][Full text]