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The international network Polymnia, created in 1999 by Jacqueline Fabre-Serris and Françoise Graziani to promote the study of the mythographical tradition in Europe from Antiquity to the 17th Century has developed two types of activities: a programme of conferences in the various partner institutions and the publications of bilingual texts with translations and notes in the series Mythographes (Presses Universitaires du Septentrion).
The journal Polymnia continues the research programme of the network. It offers a space for interdisciplinary and diachronic reflection and debate about mythographical texts in Antiquity, in the Middles Ages, and in the Renaissance.  It aims to shed light on the variety of issues and approaches, to explore the complex relationships that these texts had with poetical and exegetical practices at different places and times, and to question the historical validity of the ‘ancient science of myths’ that has never stopped evolving in accordance with the religious, social and ideological mutations of European cultures from Antiquity to the 17th Century. This research field, demarcated by clear historical and cultural boundaries, is therefore distinct from the modern and contemporary analysis of myths.
The review Polymnia therefore targets all researchers who are interested in these research perspectives providing them with a new tool for disseminating publications and helping to exchange views and share ideas.
The issues of the journal are annual and multilingual. Each article, written in the language of its author, should be accompanied by a brief abstract and a list of keywords (See the section Rules for publications for additional details).
All submissions for publication are refereed anonymously by two reviewers; in the event of differing assessments, a third referee will be solicited.
Submissions should be sent to either of the two editors: Charles Delattre (charles.delattre at and Jacqueline Fabre-Serris (jacqueline.fabre-serris at

Editorial Committee: Consuelo Alvarez (Universidad de Murcia), Séverine Clément-Tarantino (Université de Lille), Frank Coulson (Ohio State University), Maria-Luisa Delvigo (Università di Udine), Françoise Graziani (Université de Corse), Jordi Pamias (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Jean-Yves Tilliette (Université de Genève), Arnaud Zucker  (Université de Nice).

Scientific Committee: Minerva Alganza (Universidad de Grenada), Céline Bonhert (Université d’Amiens), Jacques Boulogne (Université de Lille), David Bouvier (Université de Lausanne), Esteban Calderón Dorda (Universitad de Murcia), Robert Fowler (Bristol University), Greta Hawes (Australian National University), Giorgio Ierano (Università di Trento), François Lissarrague (EHESS), Giuseppe Ramirez, Scott Smith (University of New Hampshire), Sarah Spence (University of Georgia), Stephen Trzaskoma (University of New Hampshire).