Rules for publication

We prefer that articles submitted for publication be written in the author’s own language.We will only accept an English version of articles written in modern Greek

Ancient texts should be cited in the original – Greek or Latin – language and accompanied by a translation into the language of the article. Using transliterated Greek is allowed only for words of common use in modern languages, such as hubris or metis.

For citations in ancient Greek, authors must use a unicode font, preferably the font DejaVu, which may be accessed for free on the site

Contributors are free to choose their own format of presenting their citations, footnotes and bibliography, according to the conventions of scholarly publishing in their own language and country.
Each article will be introduced by a brief abstract and a list of key words.
Submissions should be sent to either of the two editors:
• Jacqueline Fabre-Serris: jacqueline.fabre-serris at
• Charles Delattre : charles.delattre at
Submissions will be assessed by two referees, selected from members of the editorial board and other European and North American specialists on the topic. In the event of conflicting reports, the opinion of a third referee will be solicited.